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GPS Check-in and Recapping - Mobile Technology

The Latest in Mobile Technology with our PUSH Talent Tracker app. State of the art mobile technology connects you with talent working your event, for training, on site and post event too.

Pre Activation: PUSH Talent Tracker broadcasts information on your event right to the smart phones of your booked Talent. Dates, locations and event details are communicated in real time, meaning your events go smoothly every time.

During Activation: PUSH Talent Tracker with GPS Talent Tracker lets you know in real time when your talent arrives on-site and when they complete the activation. Most effective during large-scale campaigns when you cannot physically be present at every location – this lets our Booking Agents monitor large scale/multi market events in real time from our central command center.

Post Activation: PUSH Models Mobile requires the Talent to populate a customized recap form and upload photos to the app at the end of the event while they are still onsite. This helps ensure you collect the relevant data needed in the timeliest manner possible.

PUSH Models Mobile with GPS Talent Tracker is the most effective tool in our industry to manage large scale and multi market event staffing and is available only at The PUSH Agency.

event staffing in the United States

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Worldwide promotional modeling and event staffing is a click away with PUSH Agency. Whether you need promotional models, runway models, trade show models or event staff for special functions and liquor promotions, PUSH has the staffing solution for you! PUSH has trained, professional, and reliable promo models and marketing experts in place ready to promote your brand!

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event staffing in Canada

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Unlike other promotional modeling agencies, PUSH will provide event management and promotion activation for virtually any campaign or promotion throughout both the US and Canada markets as well. PUSH specializes in driving sales with a face-to-face, grass roots, live marketing strategy that is proven to work! In addition, our customers are able to view, train, test, book and recap assignments through their very own state-of-the-art user console. So next time your organization is in need of promotional staffing agency that has the ability to do much more than just staff, give PUSH a call!

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